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    Our Story

    Our leadership team rallied to the call in bettering the Grand Theft Auto: V roleplay experience for everyone who wanted the same. Furthermore, we sought out to ensure that this community provided the most structured, entertaining and realistic experience that much of us haven't seen anywhere else before. Since that very first day, we have put a countless amount of time into this project, into this community, and into the family, we have created. While modest, we believe our story is the cornerstone of our continued success.

    Moreover, our Administration Team took the time to establish the community in June of 2018. Thus far, we have grown a community built by leaders and ambitious gamers that dedicate their time growing our internal family. Furthermore, our ambitious goals have allowed us to maintain morality, loyalty and community enjoyment. We rarely look back on our mistakes as there is much ahead for us going forward. It goes without saying that we take great pride in our community and only want to see it flourish throughout. Our platform is your platform, we shall build together. 


    Join us today as we'd like to formally invite you to become apart of our community, our family. Have you ever wanted a place to relax and an environment to call, "home"? You've stumbled upon the diamond in the rough! We're honored to have you. However, we'd ask that you explore our community before applying. Why? We want you to absolutely be sure that this community is a right fit for you and what you're looking for. Afterward, we'd love to see an application come from you. 

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